StraightForward Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Our goal is to help authors make books and become part of the international literary market. We want to make sure that people around the world can read truthful texts about Russia in their own languages. Our foundation does not receive any income from deals we initiate for the benefit of authors. We exist on institutional grants and your kind help.


The production of each book, from scratch to manuscript, takes at least six months and costs around €20 thousand. Different stages of production demand a lot of effort from our editors, proofreaders, a fact-checking team, translators, sales managers, copyright and marketing specialists. All costs, including the author's grant for writing the book, are borne by the StraightForward Foundation.

Help Us Help Others

We appreciate any assistance. Currently, you can support us by making a money transfer using our bank details. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept transfers from Russian banks at this time. In the near future, we will be able to accept donations in cryptocurrencies.

Our bank details:

IBAN: DE63 1005 0000 0191 3379 19
Organization: Geradeaus e.V.

In the comment section you can specify that you made a charitable donation.